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xyzzy NTFS "reparse points"
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The SysInternals tool "junction.exe" can create NTFS "reparse points", a kind of symbolic link. I used this feature for a "programs" subdirectory in "documents and settings" linked to the "real" ?:\programs. That allows relative paths from user directories to a shared subdirectory of ?:\programs\mozilla firefox\ with add-ons for all users and the various xxxxxx.default profiles.

Absolute paths didn't work when I tried this, the "reparse point" allows relative paths. After that PSI 1.5 reported insecure programs twice, in the original path and in the reparsed path. This is on a W2K box where I can't verify what PSI 2.x would do. With PSI 1.5 the reparse point can be listed as exception to get only one report per program for the "real" path. Can PSI 2.x already handle "reparse points" automatically?

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