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Cubiclespeed Adobe Reader 10.0.0
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I have the latest version of Adobe Reader (10.0.0). The program state shows the program is insecure. I have downloaded the solution to the threat through Secunia. The filename is AdbeRdrUpd1001_Tier1.msp, when running the update file I get this message: "Cannot install the update with the help from windows-installer because the program you want to update is missing or the update is for an another version of the program. Install the missing program or check the version on you computer." (my translate).

Has anyone had the same problem and managed to solve it?

I appreciate any help that comes along my way :-)

mogs RE: Adobe Reader 10.0.0
Member 31st Mar, 2011 21:24
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This section of the forum is specifically reserved for the discussion concerning Secunia Advisories. Please use the other sections in future....thankyou.

Regarding difficulties you are having with Adobe Reader....the following is an extract from Maurice Joyce's post here :-

There has been many posts on the Forum on the difficulty of updating the frequently vulnerable free Adobe Reader.

This should now have been eliminated in that Adobe have activated an auto updater to this product which allegedly keeps users safe if set up correctly.Details here:

Hope it helps.....regards,

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ddmarshall RE: Adobe Reader 10.0.0
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The update you have downloaded is for English, French, German and Japanese.
If you require a different language, see if you can find it here

The easiest way to update Adobe Reader is to run it and use Help > Check for Updates.

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