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Novel8 Flash Player YES in Firefox NO in AOL
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The subject says just about what my problem is...I was under the assumption that once one installs FP, it goes for all Browsers...but apparently not so. I installed the 10.2 version which is the latest, I believe in FF. Now, when i go into AOL, and want to watch one of their videos it tells me that I need Flash Player in order to view it. Now, I thought isn't that a bit redundant? What will happen if i d/l it again? Will i have 2 installations of the 10.2 versions? Anyhow, I clicked on the d/l and no quicker than a flick of an eyelash, i am told it was downloaded. It also said now that it would automatically work. Well it didn't work. As i recall only as this morning when i installed it in FF, i had to go through a little bit more to install it. I was facing the typical agreement read and then a box appears with the button "Install". Clicked on that all works fine in FF. Why didn't I get the same response in AOL. As of now, I cannot view any videos in AOL. FWIW, I have XP Sp3, 1gig ram Thanks

Maurice Joyce RE: Flash Player YES in Firefox NO in AOL
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When U install Flash it removes the old version first so there is not an issue with a double install. Try this:

To successfully install Adobe Flash without the USELESS Adobe Download Manager (DLM) go here:

& then here if U have any Gecko based (Firefox etc) browsers.

Select the latest stable version which is:

1. Download & SAVE it to desktop.
2. The installer will appear on the desk top. THE IMPORTANT BIT - Before agreeing to install check these programmes are completely shut down (use the Task Manager if necessary to COMPLETELY EXIT the running process):
a. All Browsers.
b. Windows Messenger.
c. Incredimail.
d. All Adobe Products.
e. PSI - unless using version 2

3. The new install will then remove all old files during the update process.
4. Complete a PSI rescan & all should be in order.
5. Delete the Flash installer (s) file from the desktop.


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ddmarshall RE: Flash Player YES in Firefox NO in AOL
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There are two versions of Flash Player available to download from Adobe.
An ActiveX for Internet Explorer and an NPAPI Plugin for Firefox and other browsers. Chrome now has a built-in Flash Player.
I assume the AOL browser is a customised version of Internet Explorer. If so, you should navigate to and download the Flash Player again. The website will detect which browser you are using and download the appropriate version.

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