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Jarod Error message
Member 2nd Apr, 2011 19:18
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Hi there,

Please, I need your help guys.

When I start PSI, it freezes on Interface is loading
then I get a pops up error message saying:

Error: Error
Function: ui.create
File: undefined
Line: undefined
Description: Argument non valide.

I tried many times to uninstall it, Reboot and install it back.
The result the same error message.
The Secunia PSI Agent service is set to automatic and is runing.


mogs RE: Error message
Member 2nd Apr, 2011 20:09
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Have you checked thro' the FAQ's here >:-

and particularly the settings here :-

If you are using XP be sure to pay close attention to the last parts of the section.

Hope this back if needing further assistance......regards,

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