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GWT10 Thawte server error
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Similar to the other thread below, I too am having issues with the Thawte server Certificate Authority allowing java applets to load in order to do an OSI scan.

ddmarshall wrote the following workaround:

The way to bypass this checking is shown here:

That link works great once I uncheck the boxes in the java console mentioned in there, but must I now do it each time I run a scan?

Is there a permanent fix?

ddmarshall RE: Thawte server error
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It's OSI that is resetting the options; that's what is meant by Activates additonal security features in Sun Java.

It may just be a temporary network glitch and it will start working normally again.

There are a few things that you can check. Make sure that the system date and time is correct. If you have XP, check Windows Update for any certificate updates. For Window 7 and Vista, there is a Microsoft Fix it which resets the Certificate Cache.

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GWT10 RE: Thawte server error
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Thanks. I'm running Windows 7 so I'll take a look at that Mr. FixIt link you said.

I do have Microsoft Time enabled through services.msc so that should syncronize the time, correct?
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