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andreJo Ipswitch FTP Pro software
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I noticed that the Secunia advisories on WS FTP Pro software from Ipswitch do not mention the serious flaws detected in the 2007 version of the software:
CVE-2007-0330 and CVE-2007-0665.
According to the information found on Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional 2007 there is only a single vendor patch that partially solves some issues but no reference to these vulnerabilities.
Does this means that the 2007 software that can still be downloaded from CNET is still highly vulnerable?
The lack of information found at the site of Ipswitch makes me wonder whether this has ever been repaired. See:
Also CVE-2008-3734 is not listed.
All those vulnerabilities are up to this date unptached according to Xforce.

Has the vulnerabilities been resolved then in the latest product and are those vulnerabilities absent in the 12.x version of the WS_FTP product of the same vendor?

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Anthony Wells RE: Ipswitch FTP Pro software
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Hi ,

Secunia support are not very active on the Forum , at the moment ; so , as your question is more for the SA research side , you may wish to email them direct by using the contact page (here below) and choosing "Report Vulnerability" as the "chosen recipient" or by using the address lower down of :-

Take care



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