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Midnight_Voice GIMF
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Can't reply there as, the thread you asked in is now closed, but 'GIMF' is 'Google Is My Friend'.

A variant on 'GIYF', that modern and slightly less caustic version of 'RTFM' that is more applicable these days.

i.e., I looked up RTW via Google rather than asking here, and perhaps being told 'GIYF'.

But looking up GIMF doesn't list the way I was using it above, though it does list a startlingly ruder version of GIYF, which I certainly didn't intend... :-)



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mogs RE: GIMF
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Thanks Midnight Voice.....I much prefer your explanation to some I've read ! I'm fairly minimalistic too when it comes to abbreviations....I've got more than a penchant for whole wasn't that I went to school on the hill....they taught me quite even and level in the first place !!!
Those were the days.....when I had fewer crosses in some subjects than others !!
Thanks for getting back.

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