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kpmcginley end of life
Member 6th Apr, 2011 19:13
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Please advise as to what I must to to correct this on my laptop, thanks, kevin

creibens RE: end of life
Member 6th Apr, 2011 21:07
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To correct what on your laptop?

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mogs RE: end of life
Member 7th Apr, 2011 09:44
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If you click on the link at the top of this thread it will take you to other posts concerning Cyberlink. Hope it helps......regards,

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gudguy1 RE: end of life
Member 11th Apr, 2011 18:52
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glad you posted this.

I also got the end of life prompt on Secunia - even after I updated all the Cyberlink products on my laptop.

This program seems to be a pain in the butt waste of time - if I were you, I'd just uninstall the stupid thing. It's a bust. That's just me though.

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This user no longer exists RE: end of life
Member 12th Apr, 2011 12:41
Last edited on 12th Apr, 2011 12:44 Hi,

The PSI will always show you which file it's detecting. So if the detection remains even after "uninstalling", the PSI can show you which file is stil left behind (Though it does not aim, in any way, to remove leftover files. It is only incidentially useful for this purpose).

To do this, you simply click "+" next to the product on the scan results tab, which lets you see the "Detected Instances", along with the complete path to the detected file.

Hope this helps.
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