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mmmhhhm "Unable to retrieve User ID from Secunia"
Member 18th Apr, 2011 11:34
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The program rcv'd a great endorsement from "Maximum PC" so I thought I'd give it a try. No installation difficulties. Looked over the ReadMe. Pretty basic stuff, yeah.

But before the magic happens, a pop-up blasts me: "Unable to retrieve User ID from Secunia"

Huh. Why not? I look at the pop-up's info-bits.

1. Can I get to

2. Do I need a proxy server?

3, Restart the PSI?
Well, don't you just hit the psisecunia application again?

That I do. And then...nada, zip, zilch.

Turned out that three was NOT a charm.

When I worked as a bus mechanic many years ago, the bus operators would leave a note on the "cutter" (where the transfers sit) stating any perceived problem (s) with the bus.
Often, we (maintainers) could not find anything wrong; could not find anything remotely resembling the claimed difficulty; could only doubt the Operator's intellectual abilities, educational level, parentage, et al.

But what to put into the "Problem Cause" column?
In those instances, we informally referred to the "loose nut behind the wheel" as the Cause.

Perhaps that's the case here, i.e., I'M the loose nut.
But it's late, and I'm unashamed to demonstrate an inability to glean and/or absorb info off a web page; follow basic instructions; depress computer keys correctly; etc.

Any help out there--especially help not wrapped in aspersions related to my intellecgt, parentage, etc?

Thanks in advance!

This user no longer exists RE: "Unable to retrieve User ID from Secunia"
Member 18th Apr, 2011 11:54

Have you tried walking through this item of our FAQ?

Hope this helps. :)
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