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Spiff PSI changelog?
Member 21st Apr, 2011 21:28
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Dear Secunia,

I notice the PSI download now provides PSI version
However, the changelog doesn't mention any build 3003, yet.
What has changed with build 3003?

Best regards,

Maurice Joyce RE: PSI changelog?
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It is a bug fix release like version

I have cut & pasted this post I made for other threads which gives a flavour of the issues.

I have sent numerous bug reports to Secunia particularly on these issues.

1. The manual scan Stop/Start buttons were not working correctly.

2. Version - this update did not show the correct version number when users checked the Tasktray icon "about" feature.

3. An information "balloon" appeared above the Tasktray icon at the start of any type of scan.

All these bugs have been fixed. To take advantage of these fixes U should update to version from here:

There is another bug that I think only affects Windows 7,Windows 7 SP1 (possible that IE9 is involved). The bug prevents PSI from auto uninstalling an older version before reinstalling the new.

This should have been fixed by version but is under reinvestigation by Secunia after numerous users have reported it as an ongoing problem.

On that basis,if Windows 7 users want to update to the latest version I recommend this method:

1. Right click Start>Open Windows Explorer>C>Program Files>(Program Files (x86) if using a 64 Bit System))>Secunia>PSI - now activate the uninstaller from the icon U can see.

2. Install the new version from the link above.

I hope this helps. Tag On posts have started/could confuse the issues therefore I have locked this thread. If a new bug appears could U please create a new one.


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Anthony Wells RE: PSI changelog?
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Hi ,

This may or may not be related :-

I have just run the .3003 installer over my .3001 version on my XP SP3 HE system ; part way through the file installation , with my previous settings agreed , I got a file error message saying that there was a problem installing the sua.exe file , I have seen this message on one previous occasion . I chose to accept the "abort" installation option and went to look in the Program Files folder where I found a mix of .3001 and .3003 files .

I ran the uninstaller.exe and this stopped working with a psia.exe and an sua.exe file (plus other log files) still remaining . I could manually delete the psia.exe file but the sua.exe was "locked" and would not delete even using "Unlocker" software which could not detect any specific problem and offered to remove the file on reboot . On closing to reboot , I found a windows/secunia wizard page telling me to reboot to finish uninstall .

An added complication may have arisen with the system loading (half way through) my browser to a "why are you leaving us ?" PSI questionnaire .

A reboot and rerun of the .3003 installer was fine .

Not overly complicated , but definitely messy for the average user .



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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joe schmoe RE: PSI changelog?
Member 23rd Apr, 2011 19:28
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Last edited on 23rd Apr, 2011 19:30

EDIT: Running XP Home Edition, PSI version

I read your post, and thought, 'I might want to reboot first to avoid a problem I could have and start with a clean system.'

I did this and did not experience any problems.

PSI installed perfectly.

Changes to our system do occur when on the Internet. Rebooting should dump unneeded and unnecessary files present.

Thanks for sharing.

joe schmoe

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