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RuthE Maurice Joyce and reply to flash player.
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I had hped you would respond to another thread that I posted Wed. However Adobe has a special download for flash player in windows 7 with Bit 64. So for this particular issue you access another site in Adobe. Instructions are there.It took a while before I found it. That said. I respect your info; thus this was not sent for any reason but enabling the community to know

Maurice Joyce RE: Maurice Joyce and reply to flash player.
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I believe U are talking about Adobe Square which is here:

I would NEVER include that in any reply to a general Forum where users have different PC skills because:

1. It is for a 64 BIt version of IE which is not commonly used, nor recommended for use by Microsoft, until vendors start creating more add ons for it.

2. It requires special updating via a unique download site because it could be deemed a BETA release which is not supported by Secunia nor is it wise to EVER install ALPHA,BETA or RC versions of programmes onto a working platform unless U consider yourself a qualified tester.

3. I have no information from the Adobe Tech RSS Feeds on this release since November 2010 - not even sure they are still working on it & on that basis alone would not include it. I dumped it ages ago due to lack of support.

My advice to any "normal" user to steer WELL CLEAR of installing any Flash offerings for 64 Bit Browsers. There usefulness is far outweighed by the constant security problems with Adobe free products.

The same advice applies to anyone thinking of installing Oracle JAVA 64Bit.

I hope this clarifies the matter.


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MaritimeRider RE: Maurice Joyce and reply to flash player.
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Thank you Maurice. This was the first time I saw this article. The only reason I downloaded square is because after unsuccessfully trying to download the regular way, I opened support and basically adobe reinforced issue with windows 7 64bit and flash. and gave a link to square. I will remain using it with the knowledge of the new info. If issues arise I will have to delete Your reply was appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday.
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