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puget1 Time Delay EU/US
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Have never seen this addressed: Is there, or is there not a time delay between Europe and the United States, as far as PSI is concerned? Sometimes it seems that there is, as far as updates go. There was a 24hr delay once, as that was the test back when to see if the fix for Y2K was good. The forum seems to be fast enough, although not I.M.

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Anthony Wells RE: Time Delay EU/US
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Hi ,

I do not believe there is a time delaydifference as such , but I have seen different world locations react differently to problems/situations which are presumably server related ; therefore servers may well update themselves/your PSI at different times . Same as the OSI was often ahead of the PSI in the past and possibly still is ; sometimes FileHippo gets up first for brekky :))

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