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Marykay Unable to Open Secunia PSI Program Window
Member 27th Apr, 2011 15:09
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I am having the same problem as in this locked thread:

But that user's fix was to reformat and that is not an option.

I have used Secunia PSI for a long time now but just got around to installing version 2 ( to be exact) on my other desktop.

The program uninstalled the previous version (1.x) successfully, installed successfully and ran the first scan successfully. I have a current score of 99%. However I am not able to open the main program interface to see what is insecure. The program window flashes for a second and then disappears.

I performed a restart after installation, no change. I reinstalled PSI on top of itself; it once again uninstalled itself before reinstalling but no change.

I have gone through the FAQ but did not see anything that resembled this problem. I did go through and make the changes to my Internet Options that were causing problems for some with the program connecting successfully to the internet (active scripting is enabled and the Secunia domain is added to safe sites). The services in Control Panel are set for automatic and are running.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 with IE7 fully patched. (Upgrading to IE8 or IE9 is not an option because of conflicts with critical programs).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I have found this program to be invaluable and would hate to lose it.

~ Marykay

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Anthony Wells RE: Unable to Open Secunia PSI Program Window
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Hello Marykay ,

There is a specific XP bug which is known to give your symptoms . You need to use either or both the specific XP fixes listed here (scroll down to get to them) :-

You might wish to check all your IE settings , just in case , as they are essential for the PSI to call home :)

Let us know how you go .



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Marykay RE: Unable to Open Secunia PSI Program Window
Member 27th Apr, 2011 18:12
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OK so after carefully going through the items in the FAQ #3 again (and checking after each one to see its effect on PSI) THIS is the one that fixed the problem:

Go to where you installed the PSI (Probably C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI, or C:\Program Files (x86) for 64-bit systems), right-click PSI.exe, click Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and set a check at 'Turn off advanced text services for this program'

The first time I read through that FAQ item I didn't even see the part about being on Windows XP that precedes the paragraph above. Not only that, but the program seemed to be connecting to the internet just fine, so I was not giving the appropriate weight (mentally) to any of the suggested actions.

Thanks for pointing me at the right place.

~ Marykay
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