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Midnight_Voice PSI 0 programs, 0 score
Member 28th Apr, 2011 18:16
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I see this chestnut has reared its head again.

It happened to me in the last couple of days, and I believe it's what happens when the Secunia servers are temporarily unavailable, or sick.

When they come back up, so does your score, albeit possibly needing another scan to restore your score, though not always.

Anyone considering the merits of cloud computing should ponder this downside to having all your data elsewhere.

But having said that, even though PSI may understandably not be able to function normally when its servers are away with the fairies, what it does do (collapsing with an error message and/or startling all its users with all their program apparently having gone away) really is unacceptable, and I'm disappointed this hasn't been addressed in

Especially now PSI is supposed to be suitable for, and usable by, less technical users than version 1 was.

PSI really ought to be able to detect when it has lost its servers, do a clean failure mode with a user dialogue box instead of an unhandled error message, and even if it can't show the dashboard and scan results etc., not report a zero score from zero programs, but continue to display the program count from the last scan - which I am sure it could hold on the user's PC in an ini or somewhere.

Or say nothing at all about the program count, perhaps.

I look forward to progress in this area.

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Anthony Wells RE: PSI 0 programs, 0 score
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M_V ,

Only guessing , but with all the differing reasons for internet connection problems and questioning how much data Secunia can/wish to store (at no cost) on each individual's machine and then display on a GUI which is only an interface with the server and know when and why to do that ........

Only guessing , but that is why they set up the Community Forum (to reduce support costs and provide a free/self-help service) and so to provide some voluntary bedside comfort from a helpful carer for the bewildered patient (user) when the servers are also sickly and bedridden :(((((

Still worth a try asking support to put it on the "wish" list or fairy tale !!

The server problem might explain your "wrong" - as in incorrect - Dashboard display mentioned in your other thread ; don't worry , dear , it will all be fine tomorrow :))))

Take care


PS : is "ini" short for in infirmary ??


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This user no longer exists RE: PSI 0 programs, 0 score
Member 29th Apr, 2011 10:14

Thank you for your feedback.

We will consider various ways of improving the handling of this, and if possible we might implement it in a future version.
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