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xyzzy Windows 2000 in 2011
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Some weeks ago the <quote>SSL meltdown<unquote> triggered browser updates for IE6+, Firefox, and Chrome. There was no update for IE6 on windows 2000 - this platform is still alive and kicking, but not more actively supported since July, 2010. Is there anything I can do about this apart from the IE6+ option to check certificate revocation lists?

The Windows Update procedure still works for Windows 2000, e.g., I installed an old Windows Media creator application, and got the relevant security updates. However, the monthly "malware removal tool" (MRT.exe, aka MSRT) is not more supported by Windows Update for Windows 2000. A manual download still works.

IMO that's wrong, as long as MRT can be used it should be also offered by Windows Update for Windows 2000. BTW, Secunia PSI reports Windows 2000 SP4 as obsolete Windows 2000 server with a link to Microsoft's "end of live" page, but apparently PSI does not allow to "ignore" this known issue.

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