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puddleoffudd Community Profile Username "Not Available"
Member 5th May, 2011 15:25
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I have been using Secunia PSI for about four years, maybe longer. I asked for a password reset (wouldn't let me in with the password that I know that I used) and received the link, went to the page to reset the password, then was sent to the login page. When I went to login, I received the error message "Username Not Available"

I emailed support but never heard back from them.

Anyone else have this problem? Were you able to resolve it?

My username is/was Guilden_NL

Dank U Wel!
Joop deBruin

Anthony Wells RE: Community Profile Username "Not Available"
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HI ,

You have a "user name" set in your profile in the PSI but your password is set in the "My Profile" here in the lhs column of this Forum page . The common entity of the two profiles is your email address .

You get into this Forum page profile by logging-in under your user name and whichever password you do or do not remember . Once logged-in , you can "Edit your Profile" , otherwise , not logged in , you are creating a new profile in this Forum and your old user name would be still in use as per your PSI profile .

You still need a password to go with your old user name which would then give you one entity from your PSI and common to the Forum and your second current entity .

To save time , I would rest my PSI user name to the current one and forget the 4 years . If the old user has commentary you would like to refer to , then at this stage , you will probably need to help you reset a password for your original user name or "retry" for a password reset and come straight back here and log-in . They have been rather inundated in the recent past , so I would try them again by email if they do not respond here .

Hope that is a bit clearer ??!



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