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Midnight_Voice 'Average user with Secunia PSI' not being updated in Dashboard (still)
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Despite this thread:

being locked - and what I thought was a useful clarification getting an inexplicable -1 relevance score - the problem continues, nothing has been done, and there is no acknowledgement of the problem.

It seems it's been overlooked... :-(

In summary: I score 100%, the 'Average User with PSI' scores 95%, and yet I do not see a 5% difference reported in the Dashboard, but only a 0% difference.

The difference figure for the 'Average User without PSI', 15%, is correctly shown.

Assuming it's a universal issue (is anyone else seeing this?) I humbly resubmit this issue for the attention of the PSI developers.

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This user no longer exists RE: 'Average user with Secunia PSI' not being updated in Dashboard (still)
Member 12th May, 2011 09:37

Thank you for your report.

We are already aware of issues similar to this one, and I will add the information you have provided to our problem reports.

hope this helps.
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Anthony Wells RE: 'Average user with Secunia PSI' not being updated in Dashboard (still)
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Hi M_V ,

I have just now seen your second post in the linked thread and that it was addressed to me , but as I had not posted to , nor selected to subscribe to/follow that thread , I missed your post and so it got overlooked :((

Not quite the end of the world and you have survived to tell the tale and Emil is on the job :))

Take care


PS : there has been quite a lot of arbitrary voting doing the rounds these last few weeks , so I should ignore it ; the real world beckons :))


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