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Data Dynamics ActiveBar 1.x

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pemch uninstall
Member 14th May, 2011 20:48
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Secunia twlls me to uninstalllthis program and even volunteers to open Add and Remove Programs in the Control panel. This program however does not show up here and I can not find it on the computer. How do I find and remove it,



This computer uses Windows XP-SP3

This user no longer exists RE: uninstall
Member 16th May, 2011 09:05

The PSI will never tell you to remove a program. The PSI only flags the security status of a specific program, and attempts to be helpful by offering links and tools that it assumes are relevant.

In the case of Data Dynamics Activebar 1.x, the program is "End Of Life" meaning that it is no longer supported, and no further updates will be issues. This makes it vulnerable.

This is all the PSI is telling you - the descision of what to do is yours alone.

hope this helps.
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Anthony Wells RE: uninstall
Expert Contributor 16th May, 2011 12:23
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Hello Peter ,

To add to what Emil has said , if I might , there has been plenty of discussion concerning your programme on the Forum recently ; what to do seems to be dependent on where , why , what and how the programme is used/useful as per :-

Take care



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