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mmo Utility to set an ActiveX Control's Killbit?
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Since yesterday PSI reports that I have two ActiveX controls (Data Dynamics ActiveBar v1.x and v2.x) installed which both reached end of life and one of them represents a security problem. But how do I resolve this issue?

When I click the "Remove" link I am sent to the installed programs overview, where the term "Data Dynamics ActiveBar" doesn't show up (none of its fragments). Apparently this ActiveX Control is some component that is used by (and was installed as part of) some program but without knowledge, WHICH program came with and installed this component there isn't much a normal user can do about this. Is there some utility that figures out, which program installed that component?

It's also too difficult for normal users to fiddle with the registry and set that "killbit" manually as the linked advisory suggests. Couldn't Secunia provide a corresponding utility to semi-automatically (i.e. with user's consent) apply the changes that PSI suggests? That would make life much easier (and safer).


Maurice Joyce RE: Utility to set an ActiveX Control's Killbit?
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It looks like U are requesting a new feature. Better U follow the Secunia guidelines to get a timely response:


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