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andy10532 Issue with PSI not listing Firefox 4.0.1
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I had updated Firefox from 3.6.17 to 4.0.1 about a month ago & the PSI didn't recognize the upgrade.I had been getting notification from the PSI that I had the 3.6/16 & have been having issues with Firefox reverting back to the 3.6.16 until the other day when it was upgraded to the 3.6.17.The path where FF is located is C:/Program FIles\ Mozilla Firefox & I had reinstalled the 4.0.1 several times & the PSI had still listed the browser as outdated & waiting for the update to be completed & as I previously mentioned, would revert back to the previous version.Today (5/24) I had noticed that it (FF) isn't listed at all.

I've also had intermittent issues with the manual not loading even though I have the latest Adobe Flash & am able to view other .pdf files

My system is a Windows XP with SP3 & 1 gig of ram.With this info,I'm hoping that someone would be able to help me figure out what the issue could be.Thank you in advance for any help given.

Anthony Wells RE: Issue with PSI not listing Firefox 4.0.1
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Hi ,

Read through this thread to see the (non)linkage between the Firefox 3.5.x ,3.6.x , and the 4.0.x platforms of Firefox :-

I suggest you open your Firefox and use the browser's "Help" drop down menu to update to the latest 4.0.1 version . Reboot and run a full manual PSI scan ; you should see version 4.0.1 as Mozilla Firefox listed "alphabetically" on the scan results page of the PSI (versions 2.0.x) .

If version 3.6.16 or 17 appears anywhere on the results page (even alongside 4.0.1) , then click the [+] next to the entry and post back here the full detected instance installation path . Using any 3.6.x installer link in the PSI will reinstall a 3.6.x version in place of 4.0.x so you need to find and probably delete (if possible) the old file .



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