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banthony Error creating deployment package for discontinued product
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We have K-Lite Codec Pack installed on some computers in our environment. Secunia has identified "Media Player Classic 6.x" as a discontinued product within the pack. The more recent versions of K-Lite have the new Media Player Classic - Home Cinema bundled. The solution here would be to install a newer version of K-Lite which would replace the older Media Player Classic. The problem is that CSI will not allow me to create a package for anything with a product version of "Product Discontinued".

The following information is written to the log file when I attempt to create the package:

[05/24 08:06:17.535] Failed to create update: : 1 , Cannot create installable rule, reason (e)
[05/24 08:06:17.536] Exception when creating update: : -2146823281 , Unable to set value of the property 'message': object is null or undefined

Another solution would be to correctly identify this a being bundled with the K-Lite Codec Pack installation instead of a standalone application.

The K-Lite version and installation path can be gathered from the following registry key:


The installed components can be gather from:

(Older versions) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KLCodecPack\Components \
(Newer versions) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KLCodecPack\InstalledI tems\

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