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Old Man Coyote Yahoo Toolbar
Member 16th Dec, 2008 18:31
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PSI says the Yahoo Toolbar on my computer is unsecure and I should either update or uninstall it. The problem is: I DO NOT have the Yahoo Toolbar on my system. I did a full system search and it does not appear. Neither does it show up in my Add/Remove Programs folder. What the heck is this?

This user no longer exists RE: Yahoo Toolbar
Secunia Official 17th Dec, 2008 12:13
Last edited on 17th Dec, 2008 12:16 The Secunia PSI can always tell you exactly what it has detected and where it is. In many cases that will give you a clue to why the PSI is detecting what it is. To see the detected file you can always simply hover the cursor over its entry in the PSI. And if you use the advanced interface you can also expand the entries in the PSI and then use the buttons Technical details and Open Folder.

If you have a program that do not show up in Ad/Remove Programs and do not seem possible to uninstall, you can contact the vendor of the program for advice.
Old Man Coyote RE: Yahoo Toolbar
Member 17th Dec, 2008 17:37
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Thanks for the information! I found an orphan Yahoo file in my Programs. I made a restore point and then deleted the file and rebooted. When I ran Secunia again, the problem was gone. Thanks again.
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