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joe_ioi Auto deleting Programs???
Member 15th Jun, 2011 08:04
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New to PSI, I downloaded the new MicroSoft Updates from TUESDAY 6/15/2011 and Secunia popped up that it had deleted Winows Live ....and Windows Update C++

WHY oh WHY did that happen? Was it suppose to happen? I'm thinking not...but am I wrong? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. i'm using Win 7 computer.

Thanks again

This user no longer exists RE: Auto deleting Programs???
Secunia Official 15th Jun, 2011 08:12

The Secunia PSI does not remove programs.

What most likely happended, is that the Secunia PSI detected that the program(s) mentioned was no longer present in the folder they used to be in, and thus the Secunia PSI removed them from the scan results.

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joe_ioi RE: Auto deleting Programs???
Member 15th Jun, 2011 10:05
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I dunno? I have two computers....I noticed the winLIVE thing on both....I noticed the c++ on only this one....

So shouldn't I have c++? And shouldn't PSI catch it...see it says that at first I had 81programs but NOW have 80...(those numbers are by 'total scan results') IF im suppose to have the c++ why hasn't PSI caught it?

Im sure PSI is doing what its suppose to...but I've never had this before and was LOVING it...until seeing these things today...and Im not understanding....please help
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RE: Auto deleting Programs???
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Maurice Joyce RE: Auto deleting Programs???
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Duplicate thread running here:


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