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BSI Report: "The situation of IT security in Germany 2011"

13:25 CET, 17th June 2011 By Secunia.

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has recently published an extremely insightful report about the situation of IT security in Germany in 2011. The BSI is first and foremost the central IT security service provider for Germany’s federal government and, as a national security agency; its goal is to promote IT security in Germany.

The BSI Management Report 2011 makes clear that the meaning of current threats such as cyber attacks, attacks on mobile devices, and attacks outside of traditional IT, now represent a tremendous challenge from political, economic, and social perspectives.

Organised crime methods have become more sophisticated, therefore defence against attacks requires even greater efforts.

The BSI also confirms the current trend regarding typical end-user PCs. Vulnerabilities in operating systems are less important, however vulnerabilities in 3rd party software rose considerably in 2010.

In the BSI Management Report, time is still noted as a critical factor for handling 0-day attacks, as vulnerability exploits which occur on the day of vulnerability disclosure are unfortunately now the rule, not the exception.

These new IT trends require that providers and users effectively deal with risk management to ensure efficient information security.

To conclude, the BSI alerts the German public that the number of vulnerabilities in software is at a high level, and is rising. Therefore, prompt installation of all available software updates for operating systems and applications, applied centrally and automatically, is absolutely necessary in order to successfully defend attacks.

To read the full BSI Management Report in English, click here. We hope you find it informative.
The original German version can be found here.

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Subject: BSI Report: "The situation of IT security in Germany 2011"

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