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Calling all PC users in Norway: It's time to take action

15:30 CET, 3rd October 2012 By Secunia.

Language is a key security barrier, so to celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month, Secunia has just launched a Norwegian language version of the free Personal Software Inspector (PSI 3.0).

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 2, 2012 -Following the successful launch of the PSI 3.0 three months ago, Secunia has released the next, localised version of its free, highly user-friendly Personal Software Inspector (PSI), a program that detects software vulnerabilities and alerts users which PC programs to update in order to stay secure.

The Secunia PSI 3.0 features automatic software patch updates, dramatically simplified user interface and intuitive preferences to help users safeguard PCs and data against cybercriminals.

Since the launch in June 2012, the program has become a success with users worldwide because of its ease-of-use. Consequently, it is a valuable and obvious contribution to the efforts to make the digital world a safer place.


The problem with language

“A key element in security is language. So when Secunia decided to sponsor and assist The Norwegian Centre for Information Security (NorSIS) in their efforts to heighten software security among ordinary PC users in Norway, translating the PSI to Norwegian was an obvious, first step,” explains Maria Eriksen-Jensen, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Secunia.

Morten R. Stengaard, Director of Product Management and Quality Assurance at Secunia, elaborates: “User-friendliness is an important aspect of security, simply because something that’s easy to use is likely to actually be used.  That’s the reason why we have introduced features like automatic updates and a simple user interface, and that’s why we launch translated versions.”

“To a lot of PC users, English is their second or even third language and they do not feel confident about receiving instructions and advice in English. If you’re unsure about the directions that pop up on your computer screen, you are quite likely to decide to ignore them. And that’s a very real security risk: outdated software is often vulnerable software, and if you ignore the alerts that tell you to update your programs, you are at risk,” says Steengaard.

Being a PC user is risky

It’s a good idea to use professional vulnerability management programs to keep track of your software updates:

Secunia research shows that today, on average, a Norwegian PC has 66 programs installed on it, 41 of which are from other vendors than Microsoft. 7 out of 10 vulnerabilities come from these non-Microsoft vendors. In order to keep all of these programs updated, you need to run no less than 21 different update mechanisms.

“Some programs update themselves automatically, but many do not. Few vendors have the solid routines in place to update their programs, and this constitutes a challenge for the PC users,” says Tone Hoddø Bakås, Senior Advisor at NorSIS.

The problem with software vulnerabilities is that it is like opening a backdoor to your PC: hackers will have had time to develop malicious programs that can gain access to your computer and exploit your personal data, including bank details, passwords, and so on.

To stay on top of your software updates it is not enough to have a plain antivirus solution installed – you need specific patch management software like Secunia’s PSI 3.0, which identifies software applications that are insecure and in need of security updates or patches.

We aim to protect

An important motivation for Secunia to participate in the campaign with NorSIS is the opportunity to gather, compute and measure results from the Norwegian security campaign, so that both Secunia and NorSIS can use the data from 2012 in the coming years in their efforts to educate the regular consumer.

“As more Norwegian PC users start using the PSI in the coming months, and start routinely scanning and updating their PC, we will be able to measure an improvement in PC security in Norway. NorSIS is doing a great job at raising awareness, and it is our joint ambition to get as many Norwegians on board as possible,” says Maria Eriksen-Jensen.


Join us!

Download the Secunia Personal Software Inspector and join the mission to keep the internet and PCs secure.

Watch our video on YouTube to find out why you need a Personal Software Inspector.

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Subject: Calling all PC users in Norway: It's time to take action

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