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Frost & Sullivan once again awards Secunia

13:55 CET, 7th June 2011 By Thomas Zeihlund.

Secunia Wins Frost and Sullivan Award 2011

Secunia has received the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration Leadership. This Best Practices Award is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the fastest measured rate of change of market share; in Secunia’s case, how fast we have increased our penetration of the Vulnerability Research market.

I am delighted to say that this is the second year in a row that Frost & Sullivan has awarded Secunia. In 2010 we received Frost & Sullivan’s Award for Global Customer Value Enhancement. These endorsements symbolise the impressive hyper growth that we have achieved since 2002 in our core region of EMEA – our “neighbourhood.” They also specifically recognise the focused endeavours that we have made towards increasing our presence in the North American market over the last two years.

The fact that Frost & Sullivan has awarded our Vulnerability Research methodology – the heartbeat of Secunia that enables us to build a strong competitive advantage – cements our leadership in this field.  Importantly, it also recognises the capabilities and commitment of our fantastic research team. Secunia’s research team is dedicated, experienced, and passionate about unearthing vulnerabilities so that your confidential information, networks, and the like can be protected from these threats.

Vulnerability research and customer value enhancement: these terms sum up Secunia’s focus. This unwavering drive means that Secunia has been able to differentiate itself from competitors by making Vulnerability Intelligence accessible to everyone – delivering easy-to-use products with true value.

Receiving this Award is therefore also a compliment to all Secunians from you, our community, who continuously champion our solutions, which in turn increases our industry influence.

To read Frost & Sullivan’s official press release, click here.

Stay Secure,

Thomas Zeihlund, Interim CEO

NOTE: To celebrate the award, Secunia offers all companies who are currently using free sources to collect vulnerability information a free 30-day trial of the company’s Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM).

Apply for the free trial at: http://secunia.com/vulnerability_intelligence/trial/

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Subject: Frost & Sullivan once again awards Secunia

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