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One of the fast runners in Danish business life - and still standing

16:00 CET, 23rd September 2010 By Secunia.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Danish financial newspaper Børsen appoints Secunia as a gazelle company. Thereby, Secunia represents an exclusive group of companies that has shown outstanding financial performance, achieving profitable growth of more than 100% over the last four years.

Gazelle 2010 CEO Niels Henrik Rasmussen is proud of the nomination, which he applauds to the clear and focused strategy and an execution oriented organisation; “Secunia has from inception been guided by a very strong vision that has defined a clear path for the business. This has enabled Secunia to develop a strong core business, and define a clear market position”.

Today Secunia is a renowned player within the area of Vulnerability Intelligence and Vulnerability Management, and recognised as a company that has outshone competitors.

A large part of Secunia's success is also attributed to the company's ability to listen and interact with the market, with Secunia having a very strong and loyal customer base, and community that provides a lot of valuable information and input to ensure continuous product development. “I am delighted that our focus on being a market driven company is also being rewarded by our customers, and thankful for the continuous support that we receive from the community; these are some of the reasons why Secunia is one of Gazelle companies still standing, despite the financial turbulence of 2009”. Earlier this year, Secunia was also rewarded Frost & Sullivans Customer Value Enhancement award, supporting the value that Secunia contributes to its customers.

Niels Henrik is confident in Secunia's ability to carry the positive development into the future, supported by very ambitious plans that involve international expansion and continuous upscaling to support further growth; “The strategy for the next few years is going to make Secunia reach a new level as a corporate business, and enable further market penetration”.

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Subject: One of the fast runners in Danish business life - and still standing

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