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Secunia Collects Leadership and Excellence Awards at Online Trust Alliance Forum

9:50 CET, 27th September 2010 By Secunia.

On September 24, Secunia received two awards at the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Forum held in Washington DC, USA. Secunia VP of Strategic Sales Development, Andreas Ohrbeck, was present at the forum to accept the awards.

The 2010 OTA awards were given to individuals and organisations for their leadership and commitment in protecting consumers and critical infrastructure.

OTA 2010 Excellence Award

OTA 2010 “Secunia has shown significant innovation in addressing evolving threats. Their agility, focus, and commitment to consumers and industry collaboration represent what OTA stands for.”
Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President, OTA

Secunia is very proud to receive the awards in the following categories:

  • OTA 2010 Leadership Award - For leadership and contribution to the trust ecosystem
  • OTA 2010 Excellence Award - For Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) in Desktop Security. In his own words, Craig Speizle advised the attendees at the forum to “make sure you have the Secunia PSI installed”.

In addition to the awards, OTA also recognised Secunia for its continuous contribution and support to OTA. As a steering committee member of OTA, Secunia formulated the following first step in the OTA's 13 step summary of online trust guidelines and principles.

1. Maintain and audit internal Information Technology systems
  a) Regularly scan systems including servers and desktops for known vulnerabilities.

In celebrating the awards, we take this moment to reiterate our commitment to fighting vulnerability issues and improving IT security. Secunia will continue to dedicate resources for vulnerability research, collaborate actively with OTA in creating standards, and promote sound business practices and technologies to enhance consumer trust.

Click here for more information on the OTA 2010 Excellence Awards.

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About The Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

The OTA’s mission is to create and promote business practices and technologies to enhance online trust and the vitality of e-commerce and online services. Formed in 2004, the OTA is a global non-profit organization representing the Internet ecosystem, supporting user choice and controls, protection of critical infrastructure, privacy and data governance, promoting marketing best practices and self-governance.

More about OTA: https://otalliance.org/

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