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Secunia takes home five in one...

12:52 CET, 27th September 2010 By Secunia.

In merely one week, Secunia received five awards from a number of industry institutions and media players, recognising the commercial and financial performance of Secunia, as well as the capabilities and value of the Secunia product portfolio.

The awards emphasize Secunia's profile as a market driven company that strives to deliver value to its customers and assume responsibility for enhancing security for business as well as private users worldwide.

In summary the five awards were collected from:

Secunia is honored to be able to add the above awards to its long list of achievements, and attribute the success to a loyal base of customers and a talented team of Secunians.

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Subject: Secunia takes home five in one...

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quiggley RE: Secunia takes home five in one...
Member 2nd Oct, 2010 11:52
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Last edited on 2nd Oct, 2010 11:52
Congratulations Secunia!! I'm new here but SO SO glad I found you!!
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F_BIG RE: Secunia takes home five in one... It Was Due!
Member 4th Oct, 2010 15:36
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User Since: 14th May 2009
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Location: US
Last edited on 4th Oct, 2010 16:05
We Yanks often think that we are responsible for *all* modern computing. But those of us who have been around, or are not locked into a certain mindset of one US vendor only know better.
I hope that these awards will help some of my compatriots begin to believe that firstus isn't necessarily the mostest.
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