Running and scanning with the Secunia PSI


The Secunia PSI won’t load the interface or won’t complete scanning. What can I do?


How do I update my programs with the Secunia PSI?


I finished scanning with the Secunia PSI and one of my programs are not detected. How can I add it to your database?

Updating your software


Microsoft Update says my Windows files are up to date, but Secunia PSI is still reporting my software as insecure. What should I do?


I know there is a newer version of a program available, but the PSI is not offering the update. Why not?


The Secunia PSI says "An error occurred while attempting to open the specified URL" when I click links. How can I solve this?


What is the difference between the Secunia PSI and the Online Software Inspector (the 'OSI')?


What is the difference between the Secunia PSI and the Secunia CSI (for enterprise networks)?


How often do you update version rules?


Can I use the Secunia PSI even when I am not connected to the Internet?


How can I suggest a feature or report an error in the Secunia PSI?


I have updated one of my programs, but an older version is still detected by the Secunia PSI. What can I do?


The Secunia PSI has detected a program somewhere on my computer, but where?

Troubleshooting the Secunia PSI


Which information should I include when requesting support for the PSI 2.x and 1.x branches?


I cannot get the Secunia PSI to work on a system using a proxy. Why is this?

Secunia PSI technology


How does the scan engine work?


What is the Secunia Packaging System (SPS) and how does it work?

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